Registration match fixing

Registration match fixing

What we mean with REGISTRATION match fixing?
That means every customer who have paid for game should be registered.

How to make a registration?
You should contact our agent on WhatsApp or Mail for further instructions!

How long does the registration take?
Every customer can be registered minimum for 1 month and maximum for 1 year.

Is the registration renewed with each purchased match?
Of course, NOT! Registration should be renewed after it expires!

If I am not registered can I get a match?
Obviously, not. In other words, registration is necessary!

How much are fees to verify a registration?
1 Month registration cost 400 EUR – Bonus 5.00 odd
6 Months registration cost 1200 EUR – Bonus 15.00 odd
1 Year registration cost 1800 EUR – bonus 30.00 odd

For more details about registration be sure to contact our agents!

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